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Earn Passive Income by Hosting a Long-Range Wireless Device

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We are offering you a unique opportunity to earn passive income each month by hosting a small, non-intrusive device in a high point of your house or apartment. The Hotspot is a long-range wireless network device (LoRaWAN) that communicates with a global IoT (Internet of Things) network. It doesn’t make noise, produce heat, take much electricity, or use much Internet but it can make a nice amount of passive income each month with no effort. The hotspot stays in your home as long as it is earning income. Note:  The hotspot is owned by HeliumNation.

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What does the host provide? 

Electricity – The device uses about as much power as a 5W LED light bulb. We estimate it costs about 40¢ per month to run. WiFi/Internet – The device uses a tiny amount of your Internet connection. You will not notice any difference on your Internet data. It occasionally receives and relays small amounts of data for IoT devices. Examples would be location trackers that transmit data to the device to advise on geolocation, temperatures, humidity, and more- small but important data. 

What do you get in return? 

While we can’t guarantee any specific amount, it’s safe to assume

somewhere between $50 and $300 per month, and in some cases a lot

more. We advise that it’s great when big payouts happen but can’t

guarantee anything in the future. It depends on a number of variables.

We prefer hosts to pay pal or via Zelle in the first few days of each

month for the previous month’s earnings.

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What is your commitment?

Your commitment is to host the device and not damage or run off with it. Pretty simple! There are no commitments to keep the device on your property by either party. If it doesn’t perform as expected, you probably wouldn’t want it there and we wouldn’t want to keep it there. One party simply requests that it be removed. There are no hard feelings. We tried and it didn’t cost you anything other than a small amount of electricity. If you are moving, we will review your new location for feasibility. 

Are there security risks to my network? 

Even though it is on your WiFi network, it has no open ports that create a security risk. Ports are like doors. With no doors, there is no entry. Only devices designed to work on this IoT network are allowed to use it. 

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Why does it need to be at my house/apartment?

In order to provide coverage and receive earnings each hotspot needs to be at least 900 feet apart. Having two or more hotspots in the same house doesn’t provide any additional coverage. This is why we need hosts (you) to help us spread out the hotspots.


How much will I earn?

Our average host earns up to $300 each month for hosting a hotspot. However, earnings vary quite a bit from month to month, and location to location. We share 25% of the earnings with you.


How much electricity will the hotspot use?

There is nearly zero cost. The Hotspot uses a small amount of power, roughly 5W at peak. This is less than a standard LED light bulb. In a city like San Francisco, it will cost you roughly $0.48/month


How much of my Internet / Wi-Fi bandwidth will it use?

Expected bandwidth utilized by devices is 1-5 kb/s (very little). It’s the Equivalent of watching a few hours of Netflix. 


Can I host more than one at my house?

No, hotspots need to be 900 feet apart from each other in order to receive maximum earnings and provide new coverage. However, if you have a family or friend who will let you host one at their house you can host multiple! Or you can refer them and receive 5% of their earnings for the first year.

NOTE: HeliumNation has partnerships with Hotspot suppliers. We purchase in bulk hotspots from official suppliers, find hosts to host them, and share a portion of the profits with the host. Become a host using our free hotspots and help build the Peoples Network while earning passive monthly income. How awesome is that.

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